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At Next Gen we are lucky to not just have two studios built by our amazing stage crew, but we also have a set building workshop, and full sound and lighting systems built into the studio. We understand that not everybody wants to be in the spotlight and so we offer people of all ages the chance to get involved in the behind the scenes running of a show. Throughout the year we offer courses in all aspects of technical theatre, run by our stage crew who have over 50 years of experience in producing theatrical performances both amateur and professional. The skills  learned can be put to great use throughout the year in our studio showcases and plays swell as part of the stage crew on one of our three large scale MAODS shows each year. 


Our  workshop is used to build everything from sets for MAODS shows to the kitchen and toilet area at our studio. By being part of our stage crew, members will learn how to build a large scale set, from design to building a to-scale prototype and all the way up to building a full scale set to be used in our shows. This will give members to express their creativity in designing set pieces and also allow them to develop their hands on abilities, working with different tools and materials to create eye catching sets.

Set Design

set design


Lighting design is an essential part of putting on a show as without it we can't see the action! For that reason, we're always looking for people who have an interest in learning the dos and don'ts of lighting. Our studio has a fully equip lighting system and control board which is used to light our studio showcases and plays. In addition, many of our shows include the hiring of extra equipment such as video wall. Members can learn, in a hands on situation, how to design and operate a lighting rig from industry professionals. These skills can then be put to the test as part of our showcases and, on a larger scale, as a member of the team for an MAODS production. 

Lighting Design

lighting design


Sound Design is one of the most challenging parts of technical theatre as it is highly demanding. Members can learn the technique behind creating a show that melts the ears! Working alongside industry professionals, members can learn how to perfectly mix sound including vocals, backing music and sound effects. These skills can then be put to use as part of the team on a studio showcase or in our large scale MAODS productions.  

Sound design

sound design


The Stage Manager is the big boss during show week! They are the driving force behind the show and are part of the process every step of the way. Their job is to integrate all aspects of the show and keep it running at all costs. Work with our resident stage mangers to learn about  how to run a large scale production from the first rehearsal until closing night. These skills can be put to use in our studio showcases with the potential to work up to working on one of our MAODS productions.

Stage Management

stage management

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